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How to feed baby eat porridge? Can four months old baby start to eat porridge?

When the baby enters the food stage, the various non-staple food factions alone are enough to make parents dizzy. There is no standard answer to how should start and how to feed it. As long as it is suitable for you and your baby, it is the best way. So, how old can babies start to eat baby porridge? In fact, as long as children start to eat, they can start eating baby porridge! Babies usually enter the food stage at 4-6 months. Sooner or later, it is recommended that parents make assessments based on the development and development of their children. If you are not sure, you can also ask a doctor to assist in the evaluation. If you decide to start eating food for your child, no matter if the child is 4 months old or 6 months old, the natural and additive-free NongChunXiang baby porridge can be eaten when the baby enters the food stage. NongChunXiang Baby Porridge, from ingredients to cooking to packaging, is strictly selected and processed. Fresh ingredients and slow-boiled broth are cooked and then autoclaved using heat penetration technology and advanced Japanese equipment to seal off the delicious food and make the package completely sterile. In addition, it can be stored at room temperature, which greatly solves the trouble that parents have to withdraw the ice before heating and cooking every time. Moms and dads, you can rest assured that NongChunXiang Baby Porridge will accompany your children to start their food journey!

Black sesame is delicious but also very good for our skin!

We drink black sesame paste, eat dishes made with sesame oil. Must say that add some sesame oil to fried fish or chicken are super delicious! Sesame is very nutritious. It contains protein, fiber, lecithin, vitamin B, E, magnesium, potassium, zinc, and a variety of trace minerals. There are also many people who eat black sesame to make their hair black and beautiful. Also, black sesame can help lower cholesterol! Black sesame is good for skincare! We eat sesame often, but what if used as skincare products? Honestly, I never heard any skincare products use sesame oil before, until Cindora Sesame Ointment. Moreover, what they use is the first cold-pressed black sesame oil, which is very precious! For our skin, black sesame oil contains a special kind of "sesamin", which can strongly anti-aging. It has also been found to be effective in protecting the skin from ultraviolet rays. In addition, black sesame oil is also rich in natural vitamin E, which can help to scavenge free radicals and anti-aging; monounsaturated fatty acids can protect the cardiovascular system, and these are also very effective for nourishing our skin! The WHO World Health Organization said that sesame oil is one of the three good oils. Yes, black sesame oil is not only delicious but also very useful! The first cold-pressed Sesame Oil Erm…All these benefits, I was found after using Cindora Sesame Ointment. As a user and seller, I am really curious as to why cold-pressed black sesame oil is so powerful because after using Cindora Sesame Ointment, all my kids and my skin problems are really much better. So, why is the cold-pressed sesame oil so "special" and why the first cold-pressed sesame oil is such that precious? Because only the first cold-pressed black sesame oil can retain the high-nourishing active ingredients, which is very expensive. Somemore, the first cold-pressed black sesame oil is rich in protein, unsaturated fatty acids, iron, calcium, phosphorus, and a variety of vitamins. It can moisturize, repair, and improve skin dryness. Cold-pressed v.s. Hot-pressed Sesame Oil In fact, the process of getting oil is more complicated and the cost is much higher, especially the first cold-pressed oil, this is really so precious! Generally, sesame oil is pressed mechanically at a high-temperature, which is faster and can get a large amount of oil. But the high temperature will also destroy the nutrients of sesame, the active ingredients will disappear completely and the smell of tar will be emitted. On the contrary, cold-pressed sesame oil is roasted at low temperature, then using the steam method to moisture the sesame. After that, pressing the sesame to extract sesame oil. Cold-pressed will not destroy the nutrients easily, the fragrance of the oil is better, and the touch is comfortable and not that greasy. In fact, after knowing this, I love Cindora more. First, the product is really good to use (there are many Cindora products in our family now XD); Second, the effect is really good, and there is no need to worry about any safety issues; Third, probably a kind of vanity? Cause there are very few skincare products made with sesame oil on the market. When I tell my friends about using something so powerful, I feel a little special! Haha, if you also want to try the Cindora Sesame Ointment made with cold-pressed black sesame oil, go to theFumoo (so far, no one who has used it does not like it!)

Cindora, a brand born from a mother love. Cindora Sesame Ointment, a product with love.

Cindora, a brand born from a mother's love.   Zhang Yuxin, the founder of Cindora, she can’t bear the pain of a three-year-old daughter suffering from atopic dermatitis, and she personally developed the sesame ointment based on black sesame oil to condition her daughter’s skin and gives her a healthy and happy childhood.   Cindora uses the safest natural ingredients to make this sesame ointment, which is safe for pregnant women and newborns.   Keep the natural goodness for child, just like all mothers will do for their children. Cindora insists on using organic raw materials such as US USDA and EU COSMOS to replace unnecessary chemistry. In order to strictly control product ingredients and manufacturing processes, and provide the most secure and high-quality parent-child skincare products, Cindora has our own production plants and inspect, and we have an in-depth understanding of the raw material manufacturing process and the place of production, and they have passed the three international certifications including ISO, TaiwanPIF and the most stringent HALAL certification.   Founder Zhang Yuxin said     Since my child was born into this world, in addition to bringing me unprecedented happiness, it also led me to pay attention to the physical/mental health of the child. Even though the power of my heart is very weak, I have been paying attention to the physical and mental development of children in the past few years. I have found that I have gradually helped some children and directly or indirectly improved their physical and mental health, making me more courageous to continue to caring for children. The vision moves forward. In line with this original intention, Cindora has developed a series of parent-child skincare products, which over the years have brought healthy and happy smiles to hundreds of thousands of mothers and babies. The spirit of Cindora is the spirit of all mothers in the world, keeping the natural goodness in their children, just like all mothers will do for their children.   Cindora Sesame Ointment, the magic weapon you must own one for you and baby!

The baby food can store at room temperature! Why this is important?

In Taiwan, ready-made baby food is very common, so do baby porridge. But why do I choose NongChunXiang instead of other brands? There are two main reasons. First, when I was pregnant, I consume NongChunXiang Chicken Essence and I liked it very much. Like the non-greasy and the pure taste. Second, it can be stored at room temperature. Most brands of baby porridge must be stored frozen but only NongChunXiang baby porridge could be stored at room temperature! Why food gets spoiled? Because there are many “microorganisms” that causing the food to be “contaminated” and “destroyed”. Usually, fish, meat, fruits and vegetables have the most obvious effect of bacteria; while grains products have the most significant effect of mold. If you want to preserve food well, you must find a way to keep these microorganisms away from the food, and low temperature inhibits bacteria, and putting food in the refrigerator is one way. The process of NongChunXiang baby porridge is high-temperature sterilization. In addition, NongChunXiang uses aseptic packaging to further prevent microbial access. High-temperature Sterilization v.s. Low-temperature Antibacterial What is the difference between high temperature vs. low temperature, sterilization and antibacterial? The most obvious is the number of bacteria. Below are two inspection reports. On the left is NongChunXiang baby porridge, because it has been sterilized by high-temperature, the test result is negative, and there is no bacterial count; on the right is other brands, which needs to be frozen or refrigerated and adopts low-temperature antibacterial method. The test contains bacteria.   After these explanations, I believe everyone understands the difference between “bactericidal” and “bacteriostatic”. And this is why NongChunXiang baby porridge can be stored at room temperature. The process of high-temperature and high-pressure sterilization is complicated, but NongChunXiang insists on doing this to ensure the safety of the products so that babies and mothers can feel at ease. The ideal baby food for busy and lazy mum With two children, in addition to cooking for the family every day, but also cook for children, I feel tired and busy. When dining outside, it is troublesome to bring many things; when you go out, worry that your husband can’t cook well at home. For these reasons, baby porridge is the savior for me and my husband. The time saved, being able to spend time with elder daughter. Also, make me more relax and happier. I sincerely recommend NongChunxiang baby porridge to everyone, so that children can eat happily, and parents can also relax a lot!

A must-have for newborn baby and parents→Cindora Sesama Ointment

I met Cindora after I came back to Malaysia (I used to live in Taiwan for 9 years). It was actually fate. After contacting the Cindora team, I did a lot of homework and found that this company is really serious about making products and making products for Asians. Also, with the praise of friends and countless mothers, I became more and more interested in Cindora’s products, especially the all-purpose Sesame ointment. My girl has been very happy since getting the goods, she has always loved these skincare products. However, she is also quite picky. I don’t understand her standards, but she will resist using some lotion/cream.   My girl’s lip is quite dry recently and she kept looking forward after knowing that I bought her a lip balm. Cindora’s lip balm is specially designed for newborn babies to 8yo children. Regarding lip balm, I will write another article to share my experience. ☺️ My girl is 3 years old and my boy is 1 year old. They love to play, falling is commonplace… Plus they get kissed by mosquitoes from time to time… I was distressed but what can I do? Before, there was propolis bought from Thailand that could be used, but I ran out of it; the horse oil recommended by my family, I think it’s just so-so. And it’s really just so right, Cindora Sesam Ointment finally arrived from Taiwan. The bottle is purple and pink color, which is very cute. Although I have seen countless mothers praise the taste of Cindora Sesame Ointment, I didn’t really understand their praising until the moment I opened the ointment. The faint fragrance of sesame oil is really really comfortable! It’s not pungent at all, just a faint scent. I even think it has a healing and soothing effect. Natural and Certified Ingredients Cindora Sesame Ointment is mainly made with the first cold-pressed black sesame oil, and some high-quality raw materials certified by the European Union and the US FDA, such as German organic marigold oil and British golden oat oil. These two ingredients, mothers should be familiar with, they are good oils for our little baby’s skin. It contains organic beeswax from the United States and comfrey roots from Japan too. In addition to the various certifications for the raw materials, the finished Cindora Sesame Ointment has also passed many safety certifications, even HALAL certification. In Taiwan, there are not many skincare products certified by HALAL, but for quality and safety assurance, Cindora really does its best. They even make every product have a PIF, so that buyers can scan through the product to check and Certification to ensure that what you buy is genuine.   The products are made with natural ingredients, so if the baby really eats it accidentally, you do not need to worry! Sounds great right?! But still have to try to avoid children eat it accidentally arh! Reduces Redness and Itchiness Before my child uses it, I actually try it myself first. The next day I received the goods, I got the urticaria. It started from my thighs and arms and spread all the way to my body. On the first night, it was really itchy. I knew I couldn’t scratch it, but I couldn’t help it. The next day, I put on Sesame Ointment. As a result, it really relieves the itching! For the next two nights, I was able to sleep peacefully, which I really feel super thanks to this ointment!!!! In those few days, because of the urticaria, I was very moody and didn’t take pictures. The photo below was taken last week (finally remembered to take a photo, haha). I was stung by a mosquito, it was swollen and very itchy! After returning home, I wiped the sesame ointment and went to dinner. During the meal, there was no itching at all. Because of sesame ointment, the bugs that usually interfere with me at my feet did not appear that day. After dinner, I took pictures. The first time I watched before & after for myself, it really amazing! The swelling is almost reduced, the point is, it really does not itch! In fact, when my daughter was riding a bicycle, she fell again. I applied sesame ointment on her. Although it was a small wound only, but with the sesame ointment, it recovered very quickly. On the second day, the wound was no longer visible. In fact, she didn’t feel any discomfort that night, it was like nothing happened. She was bitten by mosquitoes, Cindora Sesame Ointment was really effective   This Cindora Sesame Ointment is indeed an all-purpose ointment which popular among Taiwanese mothers. Whether using it as repellent or soothing or used for baby’s saliva rash and even nappy rash! Basically, you can wipe Cindora Sesame Ointment if you feel uncomfortable on your skin. This ointment has a comfortable taste, super effective, high-quality, and safe. It can be used by newborns, pregnant women, nursing mothers, and even babies with G6PD! Keep the natural goodness on the child Honestly, I can better appreciate the spirit of Cindora “Keep the natural goodness for children” only after I using this powerful product. I brought Cindora to Malaysia because I wanted to use good products for myself and my children, and I also wanted to introduce the good things from Taiwan to Malaysians. Compared with European and American brands, Cindora may not be that well-known, but it has good quality, good effects, and most important, it’s safe. Moreover, it is specially designed for Asians, the products which more suitable for our skin!


黑芝麻糖水常喝,麻油做的料理常吃,用一点麻油煎鱼和做麻油鸡超好吃啊~~~想想都流口水! 芝麻的营养成分很高,除了脂肪、蛋白质,也含有丰富的纤维、卵磷脂、维生素B群、E与镁、钾、锌及多种微量矿物质。也有不少人是冲着能让头发乌黑亮丽而努力吃黑芝麻的,而且黑芝麻还能够降低胆固醇! 黑芝麻好吃还能护肤 好处多多的芝麻,大部分都是吃下去肚子里,那如果拿来做成护肤品呢?说实话,紫馨膏是我第一次听过、用过,跟芝麻油有关的产品!而且,紫馨膏用的是第一道冷压黑芝麻油,珍贵得很啊~~~~ 对于皮肤来说,黑芝麻油含有一种特殊的「芝麻素」,具有很强的抗衰老能力与保护皮肤的能力,也被发现可有效保护皮肤避免紫外线的伤害。此外,黑芝麻油也富含天然维生素E,可以帮助清除自由基、抗衰老;单元不饱和脂肪酸能够保护心血管;而这些对于滋养皮肤也很有效! WHO世界卫生组织说芝麻油是三大好油之一,《神农本草经》也记载芝麻「补五脏,益气力,长肌肉,填脑髓,久服轻身不老。」 第一道冷压黑芝麻油 原来啊~黑芝麻油不只好吃,而且还是很好用!好吧~这些好处我也是用了紫馨膏,才做功课了解的。毕竟我也实在好奇,到底冷压黑芝麻油为什么那么厉害,因为我用了紫馨膏后,各种皮肤问题真的好很多。 至于冷压有什么好处,为什么那么珍贵呢?了解过后,才知道原来冷压黑芝麻油真的是颇繁杂,尤其第一道冷压油更是珍贵到不行。而且只有第一道冷压黑芝麻油能保有高滋养活性成份。 一般高温用机械压榨芝麻油,量比较多且速度也快,但高温也会破坏芝麻的营养素,活性成分会完全消失,也容易产生油耗味。反之,冷压芝麻油是用低温焙炒后,以水蒸气让芝麻湿润后再进行压榨来萃取一滴一滴的麻油。冷压制成的麻油,营养成分比较不容易被破坏,而且可以闻得到油脂的清香,触感上也不会油腻腻的。重点是,第一道冷压黑芝麻油,富含了蛋白质、不饱和脂肪酸、铁质、钙质、磷与多种维生素,能滋润、修护,改善肌肤干燥等问题。   其实我自己查了资料后,对馨朵拉这个品牌的喜欢是更多了一些。一来是产品真的好用(我们家现在很多馨朵拉的产物呢XD);二来是效果好,而且也不需要担心任何安全性问题;三来…大概是一种虚荣心?毕竟市场上用芝麻油做的护肤品很少,跟朋友说起自己用这么厉害的东西,多少都觉得自己特别一点啊! 嘻嘻,如果你也想试看看用冷压黑芝麻油做出来的紫馨膏,就到theFumoo看看吧(到目前为止,用过的人没有一个不喜欢的喔!)


→English Version← 认识Cindora馨朵拉,是我回来马来西亚之后(我曾经在台湾居住9年),其实是一个缘分。跟Cindora团队接触后,我做了许多功课,发现这家公司是真的认认真真在做产品,做给东方人的产品。而且我接触的团队都非常友善、耐心、专业(我一直深信公司文化对职员是有影响的)。后来加上朋友和网路上无数个妈妈的好评,我对Cindora的产品越来越有兴趣,尤其是号称万用膏的紫馨膏。 从拿到商品开始,我家娃儿就非常开心,她一直都很爱这些涂涂抹抹的。但,她也颇为挑剔。我不太懂她的标准,但有些lotion/cream之类的,她会抗拒擦就是了。 小妞近来唇部干燥,所以知道妈妈有买护唇膏给她后,就一直期待。Cindora的护唇膏是专门设计给新生儿到8岁孩子使用的,跟所有Cindora的产品一样,成份天然且都是用有认证的优质原料,所以我很放心让孩子用。关于护唇膏,之后再写一篇文章分享我和孩子们的使用心得吧☺️ 我家的女娃3岁,男娃1岁。姐姐爱玩,跌倒是家常便饭;弟弟嘛…爱玩还跌不怕…再加上时不时就被蚊虫kiss一个…妈妈看着心疼但能怎么办?以前吧,有从泰国买回来的蜂胶可以用,但用完了;家人推荐的马油,擦起来我觉得一般般。真的也就这么刚好,紫馨膏终于从台湾寄到了。 小小的罐子是紫色和桃红色搭配,满可爱活泼的。虽然在网路上已经看到无数妈妈称赞紫馨膏的味道,但直到自己打开罐子的瞬间才真的理解那些妈妈们的心情。淡淡的麻油香真的真~心~舒~服!完全不刺鼻,就是淡淡的香味,我甚至觉得有点疗愈、安抚的作用。 采用天然且通过认证的优质原料 紫馨膏主要是用是第一道冷压黑芝麻油制成,也加入一些欧盟和美国FDA认证的优质原料如德国的有机金盏花油和英国的黄金燕麦油。这两个成分,妈妈们应该都不陌生,都是对小baby皮肤很好的油脂。另外,也有加入美国的有机蜂蜡和日本的紫草根。除了原料有各种认证,成品紫馨膏也通过很多安全认证,就连HALAL认证都有。在台湾,没有多少护肤品去做HALAL认证的,但为了品质和安全保证,Cindora真的很尽心尽力,他们甚至让每一个产品都有PIF,让购买者可以通过产品上的扫描去做检查和认证,确保自己买到的是正品。 因为都是用天然的成份制成,所以对妈妈来说有一件很好的事→如果宝宝真的不小心吃到,也不需要担心!是不是很棒!毕竟小baby就是很爱把东西往嘴巴里面塞啊…不过呢,还是要尽量避免孩子误食啦! 消肿还止痒,效果好棒棒 在孩子用之前,其实我都会先自己试用。很刚好(衰?),收到货的隔天我被风膜(台湾叫荨麻疹)缠上,从大腿和手臂开始,一路蔓延到全身。风膜第一晚,真的很痒,明知不能抓,但还是痒到忍不住抓。想起家里的紫馨膏,我就拿来用看看。结果,还真的止痒了!后来的两个晚上,我能安安稳稳的睡觉,这真的让我感动感谢感恩到不行~~~!!!! 那几天因为风膜,整个人很焦躁,也没有拍照。下面照片是上周拍的(终于记起来要拍照,哈哈)。那天被毒蚊子叮,又红又肿还非常痒! 回到家擦了紫馨膏后就吃晚餐去。吃饭期间,完全没有任何痒的感觉,安安心心的吃。因为紫馨膏的关系,平常会在脚边干扰我的虫子,那天也没有出现。晚餐后,我拍了照片。第一次自己看before & after,果然有比较有伤害啊!几乎完全消肿了,重点是,真的不痒了啊! 其实期间女儿骑脚踏车的时候,又跌到了。我也拿紫馨膏给她擦。虽然本来就是小伤口,破皮而已,但有紫馨膏的帮助,复原非常快。才第2天,就看不出来伤口了。而且当晚其实孩子也没觉得任何不舒适,完全就像没事发生的那种。 女儿被叮后,擦了3天紫馨膏后也改善很多哦! 把自然的好,留在孩子身上 这罐紫馨膏,真的不愧是台湾妈妈界大推的万用膏,不管是防蚊或舒缓蚊虫叮咬,还能拿来擦baby的口水疹,基本上皮肤有什么不舒服都能擦紫馨膏,味道舒服、效果好,品质和安全性高,从新生儿、孕妇、哺乳妈妈都能用,就连蚕豆症宝宝也可以用哦! 自己用过后,更能体会Cindora 『把自然的好,留在孩子身上』这份难能可贵,绝非嘴上说说的精神。我把Cindora带进来马来西亚,是私心想要自己和孩子用到好产品,也是希望能把台湾的好物介绍给马来西亚人。相对与很多欧美大品牌,Cindora或许名气不高,但品质好、效果好、安全性高,而且,是专门设计给东方人用的。这样的好物,更适合我们啊!