More and more parents are giving probiotics to their children, but did you know? If you eat it incorrectly, it will have no effect on the human body…

Here're 4 mistakes you'll want to avoid

Eat at the wrong timing

Some people say that probiotics can be eaten at any time, before, after, on an empty stomach, with food, before going to bed, etc.?

In fact, it depends on the efficacy of probiotics. Probiotics with different effects have different eating times.

On the probiotic packaging box, it will definitely recommend how and when to eat it.

You're recommended to follow the suggested ways of different probiotics for the best results. Don't just follow what others say blindly.


Eat with warm water

Wrong! Probiotics are most afraid of high temperatures

Some moms will mix into the milk, so pay attention to these. If the temperature of the milk is higher, the probiotics will die.

It is recommended to eat it directly or with water, milk, juice, or Yogurt (the temperature does not higher than 43 degrees).


Only rely on probiotics

Many people think that if you take probiotics, you will be invincible and your bowel movements will be smoother, and no more care to other diets and water intake, but this is incorrect.

Probiotics are not "medicine", but a kind of "supplement", which has no medical effect, but only helps the body's functions to be more perfect.

In fact, in addition to eating probiotics, you still need to drink a lot of water and eat more fruits and vegetables.


Eat only certain strains

Seeing that someone says to eat bacteria A or B, just choose those with these bacteria to eat?

Wrong! The human body's demand for bacteria will always change because the physique will change.

If you only eat certain kinds of probiotics for a long time, it will not help the body much in the later stage.

The most important thing about probiotics is to "select the right strains" because different strains have different effects.

You may choose compound strains too, but you must choose carefully because some strains will compete and repel each other.

If you choose the wrong one, many of the bacteria you eat will lose the competition and die before it reaches your stomach.


Moms and Dads, no more making these 4 mistakes anymore. Please share this article if this does help you.