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The establishment of theFumoo is very simple and pure. I want to introduce good things to novice parents and dear children.


The arrival of a new life is beautiful, but it is also difficult. Various challenges often make parents miserable. I have walked this road, and I have walked it twice. Even with the first experience, after the birth of the second treasure, sometimes it still makes me feel helpless.


On the road to parenting, I gradually came to know many good products, and these products can help moms and dads face many situations more easily, more gracefully, and calmly. theFumoo was born under this philosophy.


Don’t be sloppy about food for children. But there are so many products on the market that are dazzling, how to check the quality? Having lived in Taiwan for many years, the founder Jaslin has high requirements for quality. Therefore, theFumoo only recommends good things that you can buy for your children and family, and we only recommend them after you have used them so that you can buy them with peace of mind.


Behind every child's "mother", there are infinite challenges hidden. theFumoo wants to provide moms and dads with all kinds of good things for parenting so that everyone can use the simplest way to resolve various collapse challenges.


By the way, I forgot to tell you that theFumoo actually comes from "Driftwood". Because I often feel tired and helpless, I later found out that if there are the right products to assist, the parenting road will actually be much happier, just like catching driftwood in the ocean...


So let theFumoo help you and accompany you facing the challenge together, using all kinds of good things on the difficult parenting road, let us and the children live a little easier ^^


Don’t forget, our kids only grow up happily when parents are happy♥