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4 mistakes people make with probiotics

More and more parents are giving probiotics to their children, but did you know? If you eat it incorrectly, it will have no effect on the human body… Here're 4 mistakes you'll want to avoid Eat at the wrong timing Some people say that probiotics can be eaten at any time, before, after, on an empty stomach, with food, before going to bed, etc.? In fact, it depends on the efficacy of probiotics. Probiotics with different effects have different eating times. On the probiotic packaging box, it will definitely recommend how and when to eat it. You're recommended to follow the suggested ways of different probiotics for the best results. Don't just follow what others say blindly.   Eat with warm water Wrong! Probiotics are most afraid of high temperatures.  Some moms will mix into the milk, so pay attention to these. If the temperature of the milk is higher, the probiotics will die. It is recommended to eat it directly or with water, milk, juice, or Yogurt (the temperature does not higher than 43 degrees).   Only rely on probiotics Many people think that if you take probiotics, you will be invincible and your bowel movements will be smoother, and no more care to other diets and water intake, but this is incorrect. Probiotics are not "medicine", but a kind of "supplement", which has no medical effect, but only helps the body's functions to be more perfect. In fact, in addition to eating probiotics, you still need to drink a lot of water and eat more fruits and vegetables.   Eat only certain strains Seeing that someone says to eat bacteria A or B, just choose those with these bacteria to eat? Wrong! The human body's demand for bacteria will always change because the physique will change. If you only eat certain kinds of probiotics for a long time, it will not help the body much in the later stage. The most important thing about probiotics is to "select the right strains" because different strains have different effects. You may choose compound strains too, but you must choose carefully because some strains will compete and repel each other. If you choose the wrong one, many of the bacteria you eat will lose the competition and die before it reaches your stomach.   Moms and Dads, no more making these 4 mistakes anymore. Please share this article if this does help you. 

益生菌常见的 4 大错误吃法

越来越多爸爸妈妈开始给孩子吃益生菌,但是你知道吗?如果吃法不对,对人体来就没有效果了… 赶快把这些 Tips 记起来,避免自己犯错哦! 益生菌常见的4大错误吃法 吃的时间 有些人说益生菌可以在任何时候吃,饭前、饭后、空腹、搭配食物一起吃、睡前等? 其实这要看益生菌种的功效,不同效果的益生菌,有不同的食用时间。 在益生菌的包装盒上,一定会建议怎么吃、什么时候吃。所以建议跟着不同益生菌的建议方式吃,效果才会最好。千万不要盲目听别人说就跟着做。   搭配温热水吃 大错特错!益生菌最怕的就是高温,搭配温热水会把菌种杀死,吃了等于没吃! 有些妈咪会混进奶里面,这些也要注意。如果奶的温度稍高,益生菌一样会死掉。 建议直接食用,或搭配开水、牛奶、果汁、Yogurt一起吃 (温度不超过43度)。   不忌口 很多人觉得吃了益生菌,肠胃就无敌、排便也会顺顺了。其他饮食、喝水量也没有多注意,但这是不正确的。 益生菌不是「药」,而是一种「保健食品」,没有医疗效果,只是帮助人体的机能更完善而已。 事实上,除了吃益生菌,日常生活中,还是需要大量补充水分、多吃蔬果。    只吃特定菌种 看到有人说要吃A菌或B菌,就特地选有这些菌的吃就好? 错!人体对菌种的需求,是会一直变的,因为体质会改变。 如果长期只吃特定的几种益生菌,到后期对身体的帮助就不大了。 益生菌最重要的是「选对菌种」,因为不同菌种有不同的功效。 例如:想要维持肠道健康,可以补充嗜酸乳杆菌(A菌)、干酪乳酸菌(C菌)、雷特氏双歧杆菌(B菌)等; 想要改善过敏情况、调整身体机能,可以补充类干酪乳杆菌(LP菌)或鼠李糖乳杆菌(LNGG菌)等,对症下药才能真正对身体有帮助。 当然,复合型菌种也是一个选择,但一定要慎选,因为有些菌种之间会互相竞争、排斥。 如果选错了,吃进去的菌,很多在能到肠胃之前,就已经竞争输掉、死掉了。   以上4个错误,爸爸妈妈们千万不要再犯了哦! 觉得这篇文章有帮助的话,请分享给更多人知道,让大家避免错误的吃法。    

5 Essential Nutrients for Your Baby

The baby is almost 6 months old and is about to start having food. How to prepare, what tools are needed, and what nutrition does the baby need? Knowing which nutrition the baby needs and which ingredients have the relevant nutrition will make you much easier when preparing. I've sorted out some key points, let's check it now! 5 Essential Nutrients for Your Baby 1. Fiber: Reduce constipation Many fruits and vegetables are rich in fiber. You may provide the baby with a variety of vegetables and fruits to try. If the baby is more repulsive to some foods with more "heavy" taste, consider combining some other foods, such as mixing radish with scallop porridge, so that the baby can eat various nutrients. 2. Protein: A nutritional supplement Protein is vital for the baby's growth and development. In addition to drinking milk, it also needs to be provided by food intake. Moms can start with plant-based proteins such as tofu, yogurt, and cauliflower, and then gradually add meat to the baby. (Reminder: Make sure the baby passes the egg allergy test before giving them an egg! Try the egg yolk first, if there is no allergic reaction, then you may try the egg white.) 3. Iron: Helps development Your baby's body will develop rapidly after 6 months of age. At this time, it needs to supplement iron through food intake. Red meat is rich in iron, dark green vegetables such as spinach, animal liver such as pig liver, egg yolk, oats, potatoes, pumpkin, etc., are all good iron supplements. It is recommended that moms add fruits with high vitamin C content after having iron, such as oranges and kiwis, to the baby after meals, which can help the absorption of iron. 4. Calcium: Help development For babies, calcium is an important nutrient that helps bones and teeth grow. Common milk, dairy products, yogurt, etc. are rich in calcium. 5. Fat: Creates energy Babies under 1-year-old need about 30 grams of fat every day. Fats are a great source of energy for the baby and help brain development. DHA and EPA, types of omega 3 fatty acids are very important too, you may start introducing oily fish such as salmon, a powerful source of this unsaturated fat to your baby.  Simplifying the complex information as above, save this cause you will need these! If you want to have some discussion with me, feel free drop me a mail or message. *Some mummies asked me before, NongChunXiang baby porridge suitable for how big baby? In fact, you may give the baby porridge once the baby starts to eat food. Each pack of baby porridge is contained in various nutrients. When you are tired of cooking, try to get some rest. Let's give the baby a delicious baby porridge! Of course, many moms have said that this is a super good helper when taking their baby out!


宝贝就快6个月大了,马上就要开始辅食之旅,但怎么准备,需要什么工具,孩子需要哪些营养?这些都让新手妈妈很烦恼吧? 这一篇,就先说营养的部分吧!掌握好宝宝需要的营养有哪些,知道哪些食材具备相关营养,妈咪们在准备的时候就更得心应手了。 我把一些重点简单整理,让妈咪们能快速了解! 宝宝辅食必备的5大营养  1.纤维:减少便秘状况 很多蔬果都有丰富的纤维质,妈咪们可以多提供孩子尝试多元化的蔬菜和水果。如果宝宝对某些味道较”重“的食材较排斥,可以考虑综合一些其他食物,比如将萝卜混到干贝粥,这样孩子就吃进各种营养了。 2.蛋白质:补充营养 6个月大的宝宝,发育快速,身体对蛋白质的需求越来越大,除了喝奶,也需要靠食物的摄取来提供。妈咪可以先从豆腐、优格、花椰菜这类植物性蛋白开始提供,再慢慢给孩子补充肉类。(小提醒:要先过鸡蛋过敏测试,才给孩子吃蛋哦!先尝试蛋黄,确认没有过敏反应后,才开始测试蛋白。) 3. 铁质:帮助发育 宝宝的身体在6个月大后,会快速发育,这时需要透过食物的摄取来补充铁质。瘦肉(红肉的含铁量较丰富)、深绿色蔬菜如菠菜、动物肝脏如猪肝、蛋黄、燕麦、马铃薯、南瓜等,都是很好的补铁食材。建议妈咪在饭后让宝宝补充维生素C含量高的水果如橙、奇异果等,这样能帮助铁质的吸收。  4.钙质:帮助发育 对宝宝来说,钙是帮助骨骼和牙齿生长的重要营养素。常见的牛奶、乳制品、优格等,都含丰富钙质。 5.脂肪:提升精神 1岁以内的宝宝,每天需要约30克的脂肪。而其中,最重要的就是获取DHA。DHA的好处颇多,对宝宝的精神提升也会有帮助。  以上这些,是我自己做功课时的”成果“,将复杂的资讯简单化,希望能帮到妈咪们! 如果妈咪们想要了解或讨论其他,也可以找我聊聊天哦! *之前有妈咪问我,农纯乡宝宝粥适合多大的孩子吃? 其实,孩子开始吃辅食后,妈咪都可以给孩子吃的。每一包宝宝粥,也都是经过细心调配,兼具各种营养素的。妈咪煮到累了,偶尔休息、偷懒一下,给孩子一份美味的宝宝粥吧!当然,已经很多妈咪表示这是带孩子出门时的超级好帮手了wo!  

How to feed baby eat porridge? Can four months old baby start to eat porridge?

When the baby enters the food stage, the various non-staple food factions alone are enough to make parents dizzy. There is no standard answer to how should start and how to feed it. As long as it is suitable for you and your baby, it is the best way. So, how old can babies start to eat baby porridge? In fact, as long as children start to eat, they can start eating baby porridge! Babies usually enter the food stage at 4-6 months. Sooner or later, it is recommended that parents make assessments based on the development and development of their children. If you are not sure, you can also ask a doctor to assist in the evaluation. If you decide to start eating food for your child, no matter if the child is 4 months old or 6 months old, the natural and additive-free NongChunXiang baby porridge can be eaten when the baby enters the food stage. NongChunXiang Baby Porridge, from ingredients to cooking to packaging, is strictly selected and processed. Fresh ingredients and slow-boiled broth are cooked and then autoclaved using heat penetration technology and advanced Japanese equipment to seal off the delicious food and make the package completely sterile. In addition, it can be stored at room temperature, which greatly solves the trouble that parents have to withdraw the ice before heating and cooking every time. Moms and dads, you can rest assured that NongChunXiang Baby Porridge will accompany your children to start their food journey!

Black sesame is delicious but also very good to our skin!

We drink black sesame paste, eat dishes made with sesame oil. Must say that add some sesame oil to fried fish or chicken are super delicious! Sesame is very nutritious. It contains protein, fiber, lecithin, vitamin B, E, magnesium, potassium, zinc, and a variety of trace minerals. There are also many people who eat black sesame to make their hair black and beautiful. Also, black sesame can help lower cholesterol! Black sesame is good for skincare! We eat sesame often, but what if used as skincare products? Honestly, I never heard any skincare products use sesame oil before, until Cindora Sesame Ointment. Moreover, what they use is the first cold-pressed black sesame oil, which is very precious! For our skin, black sesame oil contains a special kind of "sesamin", which can strongly anti-aging. It has also been found to be effective in protecting the skin from ultraviolet rays. In addition, black sesame oil is also rich in natural vitamin E, which can help to scavenge free radicals and anti-aging; monounsaturated fatty acids can protect the cardiovascular system, and these are also very effective for nourishing our skin! The WHO World Health Organization said that sesame oil is one of the three good oils. Yes, black sesame oil is not only delicious but also very useful! The first cold-pressed Sesame Oil Erm…All these benefits, I was found after using Cindora Sesame Ointment. As a user and seller, I am really curious as to why cold-pressed black sesame oil is so powerful because after using Cindora Sesame Ointment, all my kids and my skin problems are really much better. So, why is the cold-pressed sesame oil so "special" and why the first cold-pressed sesame oil is such that precious? Because only the first cold-pressed black sesame oil can retain the high-nourishing active ingredients, which is very expensive. Somemore, the first cold-pressed black sesame oil is rich in protein, unsaturated fatty acids, iron, calcium, phosphorus, and a variety of vitamins. It can moisturize, repair, and improve skin dryness. Cold-pressed v.s. Hot-pressed Sesame Oil In fact, the process of getting oil is more complicated and the cost is much higher, especially the first cold-pressed oil, this is really so precious! Generally, sesame oil is pressed mechanically at a high-temperature, which is faster and can get a large amount of oil. But the high temperature will also destroy the nutrients of sesame, the active ingredients will disappear completely and the smell of tar will be emitted. On the contrary, cold-pressed sesame oil is roasted at low temperature, then using the steam method to moisture the sesame. After that, pressing the sesame to extract sesame oil. Cold-pressed will not destroy the nutrients easily, the fragrance of the oil is better, and the touch is comfortable and not that greasy. In fact, after knowing this, I love Cindora more. First, the product is really good to use (there are many Cindora products in our family now XD); Second, the effect is really good, and there is no need to worry about any safety issues; Third, probably a kind of vanity? Cause there are very few skincare products made with sesame oil on the market. When I tell my friends about using something so powerful, I feel a little special! Haha, if you also want to try the Cindora Sesame Ointment made with cold-pressed black sesame oil, go to theFumoo (so far, no one who has used it does not like it!)

Cindora, a brand born from a mother love. Cindora Sesame Ointment, a product with love.

Cindora, a brand born from a mother's love.   Zhang Yuxin, the founder of Cindora, she can’t bear the pain of a three-year-old daughter suffering from atopic dermatitis, and she personally developed the sesame ointment based on black sesame oil to condition her daughter’s skin and gives her a healthy and happy childhood.   Cindora uses the safest natural ingredients to make this sesame ointment, which is safe for pregnant women and newborns.   Keep the natural goodness for child, just like all mothers will do for their children. Cindora insists on using organic raw materials such as US USDA and EU COSMOS to replace unnecessary chemistry. In order to strictly control product ingredients and manufacturing processes, and provide the most secure and high-quality parent-child skincare products, Cindora has our own production plants and inspect, and we have an in-depth understanding of the raw material manufacturing process and the place of production, and they have passed the three international certifications including ISO, TaiwanPIF and the most stringent HALAL certification.   Founder Zhang Yuxin said     Since my child was born into this world, in addition to bringing me unprecedented happiness, it also led me to pay attention to the physical/mental health of the child. Even though the power of my heart is very weak, I have been paying attention to the physical and mental development of children in the past few years. I have found that I have gradually helped some children and directly or indirectly improved their physical and mental health, making me more courageous to continue to caring for children. The vision moves forward. In line with this original intention, Cindora has developed a series of parent-child skincare products, which over the years have brought healthy and happy smiles to hundreds of thousands of mothers and babies. The spirit of Cindora is the spirit of all mothers in the world, keeping the natural goodness in their children, just like all mothers will do for their children.   Cindora Sesame Ointment, the magic weapon you must own one for you and baby!

The baby food can store at room temperature! Why this is important?

In Taiwan, ready-made baby food is very common, so do baby porridge. But why do I choose NongChunXiang instead of other brands? There are two main reasons. First, when I was pregnant, I consume NongChunXiang Chicken Essence and I liked it very much. Like the non-greasy and the pure taste. Second, it can be stored at room temperature. Most brands of baby porridge must be stored frozen but only NongChunXiang baby porridge could be stored at room temperature! Why food gets spoiled? Because there are many “microorganisms” that causing the food to be “contaminated” and “destroyed”. Usually, fish, meat, fruits and vegetables have the most obvious effect of bacteria; while grains products have the most significant effect of mold. If you want to preserve food well, you must find a way to keep these microorganisms away from the food, and low temperature inhibits bacteria, and putting food in the refrigerator is one way. The process of NongChunXiang baby porridge is high-temperature sterilization. In addition, NongChunXiang uses aseptic packaging to further prevent microbial access. High-temperature Sterilization v.s. Low-temperature Antibacterial What is the difference between high temperature vs. low temperature, sterilization and antibacterial? The most obvious is the number of bacteria. Below are two inspection reports. On the left is NongChunXiang baby porridge, because it has been sterilized by high-temperature, the test result is negative, and there is no bacterial count; on the right is other brands, which needs to be frozen or refrigerated and adopts low-temperature antibacterial method. The test contains bacteria.   After these explanations, I believe everyone understands the difference between “bactericidal” and “bacteriostatic”. And this is why NongChunXiang baby porridge can be stored at room temperature. The process of high-temperature and high-pressure sterilization is complicated, but NongChunXiang insists on doing this to ensure the safety of the products so that babies and mothers can feel at ease. The ideal baby food for busy and lazy mum With two children, in addition to cooking for the family every day, but also cook for children, I feel tired and busy. When dining outside, it is troublesome to bring many things; when you go out, worry that your husband can’t cook well at home. For these reasons, baby porridge is the savior for me and my husband. The time saved, being able to spend time with elder daughter. Also, make me more relax and happier. I sincerely recommend NongChunxiang baby porridge to everyone, so that children can eat happily, and parents can also relax a lot!

A must-have for newborn baby and parents→Cindora Sesama Ointment

I met Cindora after I came back to Malaysia (I used to live in Taiwan for 9 years). It was actually fate. After contacting the Cindora team, I did a lot of homework and found that this company is really serious about making products and making products for Asians. Also, with the praise of friends and countless mothers, I became more and more interested in Cindora’s products, especially the all-purpose Sesame ointment. My girl has been very happy since getting the goods, she has always loved these skincare products. However, she is also quite picky. I don’t understand her standards, but she will resist using some lotion/cream.   My girl’s lip is quite dry recently and she kept looking forward after knowing that I bought her a lip balm. Cindora’s lip balm is specially designed for newborn babies to 8yo children. Regarding lip balm, I will write another article to share my experience. ☺️ My girl is 3 years old and my boy is 1 year old. They love to play, falling is commonplace… Plus they get kissed by mosquitoes from time to time… I was distressed but what can I do? Before, there was propolis bought from Thailand that could be used, but I ran out of it; the horse oil recommended by my family, I think it’s just so-so. And it’s really just so right, Cindora Sesam Ointment finally arrived from Taiwan. The bottle is purple and pink color, which is very cute. Although I have seen countless mothers praise the taste of Cindora Sesame Ointment, I didn’t really understand their praising until the moment I opened the ointment. The faint fragrance of sesame oil is really really comfortable! It’s not pungent at all, just a faint scent. I even think it has a healing and soothing effect. Natural and Certified Ingredients Cindora Sesame Ointment is mainly made with the first cold-pressed black sesame oil, and some high-quality raw materials certified by the European Union and the US FDA, such as German organic marigold oil and British golden oat oil. These two ingredients, mothers should be familiar with, they are good oils for our little baby’s skin. It contains organic beeswax from the United States and comfrey roots from Japan too. In addition to the various certifications for the raw materials, the finished Cindora Sesame Ointment has also passed many safety certifications, even HALAL certification. In Taiwan, there are not many skincare products certified by HALAL, but for quality and safety assurance, Cindora really does its best. They even make every product have a PIF, so that buyers can scan through the product to check and Certification to ensure that what you buy is genuine.   The products are made with natural ingredients, so if the baby really eats it accidentally, you do not need to worry! Sounds great right?! But still have to try to avoid children eat it accidentally arh! Reduces Redness and Itchiness Before my child uses it, I actually try it myself first. The next day I received the goods, I got the urticaria. It started from my thighs and arms and spread all the way to my body. On the first night, it was really itchy. I knew I couldn’t scratch it, but I couldn’t help it. The next day, I put on Sesame Ointment. As a result, it really relieves the itching! For the next two nights, I was able to sleep peacefully, which I really feel super thanks to this ointment!!!! In those few days, because of the urticaria, I was very moody and didn’t take pictures. The photo below was taken last week (finally remembered to take a photo, haha). I was stung by a mosquito, it was swollen and very itchy! After returning home, I wiped the sesame ointment and went to dinner. During the meal, there was no itching at all. Because of sesame ointment, the bugs that usually interfere with me at my feet did not appear that day. After dinner, I took pictures. The first time I watched before & after for myself, it really amazing! The swelling is almost reduced, the point is, it really does not itch! In fact, when my daughter was riding a bicycle, she fell again. I applied sesame ointment on her. Although it was a small wound only, but with the sesame ointment, it recovered very quickly. On the second day, the wound was no longer visible. In fact, she didn’t feel any discomfort that night, it was like nothing happened. She was bitten by mosquitoes, Cindora Sesame Ointment was really effective   This Cindora Sesame Ointment is indeed an all-purpose ointment which popular among Taiwanese mothers. Whether using it as repellent or soothing or used for baby’s saliva rash and even nappy rash! Basically, you can wipe Cindora Sesame Ointment if you feel uncomfortable on your skin. This ointment has a comfortable taste, super effective, high-quality, and safe. It can be used by newborns, pregnant women, nursing mothers, and even babies with G6PD! Keep the natural goodness on the child Honestly, I can better appreciate the spirit of Cindora “Keep the natural goodness for children” only after I using this powerful product. I brought Cindora to Malaysia because I wanted to use good products for myself and my children, and I also wanted to introduce the good things from Taiwan to Malaysians. Compared with European and American brands, Cindora may not be that well-known, but it has good quality, good effects, and most important, it’s safe. Moreover, it is specially designed for Asians, the products which more suitable for our skin!