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The must-have item in mother's bag, good for baby daily's skincare-Cindora Sesame Ointment

We all know that baby's skin is delicate. Xiaoli's skin is not a sensitive skin type, but he has also experienced drool rash, milk rash, etc… So we still very careful to take care of his daily skincare. Cindora Sesame Ointment, a multi-purpose skin ointment that highly recommends and with a high repurchase rate in Taiwan. I have to say that I fell in love with this ointment and the scent of sesame oil too after using it about two months ago. Natural and mild, suitable for newborns, pregnant & breastfeeding mothers, and G6PD The raw materials used in Cindora Sesame Ointment do not contain preservatives and are certified by SGS that do not contain heavy metals. The sesame ointment has passed the IRB clinical trial test that the ointment is natural, safe, mild and non-irritating! Can tell that Cindora very much cares about safety, right? It is safe for newborn babies, pregnant and breastfeeding mothers, and G6PD. Also, you do not need to worry too much even if the child accidentally licks or rubs into their eyes. I use Cindora Sesame Ointment when getting mosquito bites, or when I feel my neck is itchy, it relieves the itchiness very fast. Sometimes, if Xiaoli scratches his skin, I apply Cindora Sesame Ointment to help his skin get repairing too. Cindora sesame ointment and sesame skin oil are using the first graded cold-pressed black sesame oil as the base. When you open the cap, you will smell the sesame oil fragrance. I don’t like to eat sesame oil dishes, but this smell can prevent mosquitoes, it also gave me a sense of naturalness and peace of mind, especially after I knew the brand story. I knew Cindora sesame ointment about 2 years ago. The brand originated from the founder who made skin care products for her daughter to relieve her daughter’s eczema skin. This sesame ointment was natural and effective, and it spread and became well-known in between mummies, and she started the road of entrepreneurship. Till now, Cindora has already being a well-known mother and baby skincare brand and also has own factory. Yes, the brand originated from mother love ❤️ When shall we use the sesame ointment? I will say this is a multi-purpose skin ointment for mothers. It can be used for mosquito bites, drool rash, unknown rashes, nappy rash, dry skin, cracked heels, scratches, even for skin repairing. You can use it to prevent mosquitoes and insect bites too. Basically, can priority use the sesame ointment to solve and soothe most skin discomfort. What is the difference between the three bottles in the picture? 1. Cindora Sesame Ointment: Ointment, has added organic beeswax. 2. Cindora Sesame Skin Oil (the purple bottle): Skin Oil in a roller bottle. The ingredients and effect are the same as sesame ointment, but the skin oil has no organic beeswax, so it is oil texture. 3. Cindora Sesame Menthol Oil (the blue bottle): Skin Oil in a roller bottle, added with peppermint essential oil, has a refreshing and cool feeling, only suitable for children over 6 years old, pregnant and breastfeeding moms are not recommended to use this ya! If you want to compare sesame ointment and skin oil, I think the skin oil is more convenient to bring out, and the ointment is suitable for home use. If your child or any family member has sensitive skin or G6PD, or is often troubled by mosquitoes, rashes, dry and itching, trust me that Cindora sesame ointment, sesame skin oil, and sesame menthol oil will be your good helper!   Ginger's Sharing

妈妈包里的必备品,日常肌肤护理的好物推荐 ― Cindora紫馨膏

小孩的皮肤娇嫩细腻已是众所周知的常识了,小狸虽然在肌肤状态上算是相对不那么敏感的宝宝,但也经历过口水疹,奶藓等等…所以日常的肌肤护理我们都还是会小心照顾。 大约两个月前用了这个“台湾妈咪圈回购率很高的Cindora紫馨膏”后,我就爱上了这股麻油香味。 成份天然温和,新生儿、孕哺妈咪、蚕豆症者都适用 紫馨膏采用的原料不含防腐剂,而且经SGS检验合格,不含重金属、天然无毒不刺激!安全到初生婴儿、孕妇、哺乳妈妈与蚕豆症者都可用。因为真的很温和,所以就算小孩不小心舔到或不小心触碰到再揉眼,也无需过于担心。 像是这阵子,我的脖子老觉得痒痒的,或是蚊虫叮咬,我也都会用它来止痒。小狸偶尔自己抓伤皮肤,我都用紫馨膏来帮他修护。 紫馨膏和修护油选用了顶级初榨的冷压黑芝麻油作为基底,所以一打开瓶盖,扑面而来的就是阵阵的麻油香,我本身并不爱吃麻油料理,但是这个味道,除了能够防蚊之外,它还给了我一种天然和安心的感觉,尤其在我听过了品牌故事后。 实际上,我在约2年前就已经知道紫馨膏,品牌起源自创办人为了舒缓女儿的皮肤问题,而自己动手给女儿制作了护肤用品,之后因为天然又有效,口耳相传,逐渐在妈妈圈里产生知名度,而开始了创业之路,并走到今天拥有了自家工厂的母婴护肤品牌。对,品牌的最初,就是来自于母爱❤️ 可解决大部分皮肤状况的万用膏 什么时候适合用紫馨膏?其实,可以当作万用膏来用,我确实也觉得这就是一瓶妈妈必备的万用膏。 不管是蚊虫叮咬、口水疹、红疹、红屁股、肌肤干痒、脚跟龟裂、抓伤修护都能用,也能擦一些来防蚊防虫叮咬,基本上,大部分的肌肤不适都可以优先用紫馨膏来解决和舒缓。 图中三瓶有什么区别? 1. 紫馨膏:膏状,添加了有机蜂蜡 2. 紫馨修护油(紫瓶):滚珠油状,跟紫馨膏成分和功效基本一样,但少了有机蜂蜡,所以是油状的。 3. 清新修护油(蓝瓶):滚珠油状,添加薄荷精油,有清新凉感,只适合6岁以上的孩子,孕妇和哺乳妈妈也要避免选择这个哦! 紫馨膏和修护油如果要比较的话,我觉得修护油方便外出携带,膏状适合居家使用。如果你的孩子或家庭成员是敏感肤或蚕豆症者,或是常被蚊虫、红疹、干痒状况困扰,那紫馨膏和紫馨修护油、清新修护油都会是很好的小帮手!   Ginger君儿分享推荐

Cindora Sesame Ointment is not only moisturizes and soothes the itchiness but also solves my hand eczema!

There's a good thing I want to share after using it–Cindora Sesame Ointment. After using it for a long time, I think everyone will need a Cindora Sesame Ointment. This is not an exaggeration, the sesame ointment is really good to use. I will say this is a must-have skin ointment for every mom! As I know, Taiwanese mommies are highly recommended and their repurchase rate is very high. Of course, I totally know why they love this sesame ointment that much after using it! Not only Baozi used Cindora Sesame Ointment, but I had experienced the power of this ointment too. Seems this is the mosquito season now, we use the electric mosquito swatters every day, but the pi pi piak piak sounds will never get ended. We get bites a lot, and the itchiness is reallly annoying, the skin was about rotting due to those scratches? Relieve the itching, redness and swelling After being a mother, I am very afraid of the child getting mosquito bites, because it will red and swell, and the red mark is difficult to eliminate… But the effect of using Cindora Sesame Ointment is amazing. It can not only reduce redness and swelling quickly (see the picture below for comparison), but also relieve the itchiness! The most painful thing after mosquito bites is itching, but applying the sesame ointment will relieve the itchiness within few minutes, and also reduces redness and swelling, it is very effective. Now as long as there is an itchy, Baozi will ask me to apply the sesame ointment to him too. Moisturizing and repairing, even solve my hand eczema! I spent a lot of money, have seen many doctors, and spent a long time with my hand eczema before which did not get cured…But, surprisingly that Cindora Sesame Ointment solve my skin problem within only two weeks, which greatly reduced my discomfort and the pain is gone, this makes me love this sesame ointment more! The effect of Cindora Sesame Ointment is quite a lot, and you will treat it as a treasure after using it. For example, mosquito bites can be used, cracked hands and feet/hand eczema can be used, eczema skin can be used, nappy rashes or drool rashes can be used, you may use it as a mosquito repellent too! Some moms say that can use when getting cuts or hot water splashed, to soothes the pain and discomfort, will stop bleeding quickly and will not blisters easily too. Wow, sounds like this is a must-have item in our kitchen too? (Which mother who enters the kitchen has not been burned or cut, right?) Natural ingredients, mild and non-irritating Cindora Sesame Ointment is very useful and effective, but no worry about the ingredients. There're natural and mild, 100% free of medicinal ingredients. Also, there is no animal experiment, and various indicator certifications have been obtained. It is safe enough and even suitable for Vegans. Once you open the sesame ointment, you will smell a faint sesame oil scent, which is very comfortable. It is very mild, you do not need to worry about the tingling sensation when applied to the face or wounds. Because the ingredients are very natural and mild, there is no need to worry about if your baby licked it accidentally or rubbing into their eyes. The safety greatly meets the needs of mothers. It can be used for newborn babies, pregnant and nursing moms, even sensitive skin, eczema babies and G6PD babies. Well, whether it's a gift for a newborn baby or use it for yourself, it's also very suitable. How good is Cindora Sesame Ointment? You will find it out until you have used it and sure, you will fall in love with the ointment. If you have a baby, it is recommended to prepare a bottle of Cindora Sesame Ointment, you may use it to soothes their nappy rash, drool rash, heat rash, or apply some to prevent mosquitoes for babies. For elder children, whether it is mosquito bites, rashes or fall wounds, etc., it is also very suitable for repairing and anti-inflammatory. Mummy can use it too, skin getting dry and itchy? Try Cindora sesame ointment, my hands, elbows, knees, and heels are getting much moisture after applying it. Even my hand eczema has improved a lot! Haven't started to use the sesame ointment? You might need to get one for you and your baby, this is really good to use and worth it!


用过之后会想要大大力分享的好东西—Cindora紫馨膏! 用了好一阵子,我觉得人手其实都需要一罐紫馨膏,一点都不夸张,因为真的无敌好用,这根本就是妈咪们不可缺的万能膏! 这个台湾妈咪回购率超高的母婴单品,不止包子体验,连我自己也体验了它的效果。在这个蚊子超多的季节(我不知道你们家有没有这种情况,反正我家现在就是…呜呜),每天都出动电蚊拍pi pi piak piak的,还是piak不完,包子跟我每天都被叮的要死,一直痒一直抓到皮肤都快烂了… 可止痒也能消红肿 当妈妈后,其实很怕孩子被叮,因为会肿很大粒,红印很难消…但是用了紫馨膏,效果真的是一流!不但可以很快的消红肿(可以看看以下图片对比),还可以止痒‼️止痒‼️止痒‼️ 被蚊子叮最痛苦的莫过于就是痒死,但是紫馨膏涂上马上舒缓痕痒,止痒效果好,而且还会消红肿,真的超级厉害。现在只要有痒痒,包子就会自动拿给我叫我帮他涂! 保湿+修护,就连富贵手都得救了! 还有就是我的旧患。之前我花了好多钱,看了好多医生,花了很长时间都没有治愈的富贵手/龟裂问题…紫馨膏也帮我解决了,而且只花了我两个星期时间,就大大减低了我的痛苦,所以我真的很喜欢这罐紫馨膏。 紫馨膏功效其实蛮广的,真的是用过之后才知道他的好。举例来说,蚊虫叮咬可用,手脚龟裂/富贵手可用,湿疹可用,屁股红肿可用,还可以防蚊哦!看一些妈咪说就连烫伤、割伤,用了都很快止血也比较不会起水泡,这根本就是妈妈们的厨房必备单品了?(哪个进厨房的妈妈会没有烫伤割伤过对不对?) 成份天然,温和不刺激 重点是,紫馨膏虽然很好用,效果也很好,但是成份很天然温和,完全没有任何药性成份,而且没有任何动物实验,也取得各种指标性的认证,可以说安全性非常高(没有经过动物实验,就连纯素者都可以放心用)。 一打开紫馨膏,就会闻到一股淡淡的芝麻油香味,淡淡的非常舒服,而且擦起来也不会辣,不用担心涂在脸部或伤口会引起刺痛感。 因为成份很天然也很温和,不需要担心涂了孩子会放进嘴巴或是揉进眼睛,安全性上大大符合妈妈们的需求。不管是新生儿宝宝或是孕妇、哺乳妈妈,就连敏感肌、湿疹宝宝和G6PD宝宝都可以用。嗯,不管是送新生儿礼或自己用,也都很合适。 紫馨膏的好,真的是用过了才会知道,而且用过之后会大大爱上他,如果家里有小宝宝,很推荐准备Cindora的紫馨膏擦红屁屁、口水疹、热痱之类,还可以帮宝宝防蚊;有大孩子的,不管是蚊子叮咬或是孩子出疹子或跌倒的伤口等,也都很适合;还有就是妈妈们也可以一起用,尤其是干干痒痒的手、手肘、膝盖、脚跟这些部位,擦这个保湿度也超级好,连我的富贵手都大大改善了就知道这个有多好用了!

I used Cindora Sesame Ointment for a long time, but I just realize this is a treasure!

I have used Cindora Sesame Ointment for a long time, but I just realize now that this is a good treasure indeed (it was too much waste before)! I feel sorry for myself, sorry for Cindora Sesame Ointment, sorry for everyone… I should share it with you sooner! So, this is the multi-purpose ointment that every household has at least one in Taiwan family. Whether it is mosquito bites, cuts or burns, sensitive skin, eczema, rash, dry skin, etc., skin problems can be solved! The use of Cindora Sesame Ointment: ✅Moisturize dry skin ✅Relieve skin discomfort ✅Soothes sensitive skin ✅Improve redness and inflammation ✅Anti-inflammatory and anti-allergy ✅Repair damaged skin ✅Outing protection (Mosquito and Bugs Repellent) ✅Gentle repair and healing ✅Cindora Sesame Skin Oil can also be used to help the baby massage flatulence, etc. Cindora Sesame Ointment is 100% free of medicinal ingredients (also 100% natural ingredients). Can solve almost all skin problems with one bottle of this.A treasure that many Taiwanese moms are recommended! Cindora Sesame Ointment uses a variety of pure natural essences as the basic ingredients and is 100% free of any drugs and additives. It insists on using organic raw materials such as US USDA and EU COSMOS and has passed ISO, Taiwan PIF, and the most stringent HALAL certifications. It is safe for newborns, pregnant and nursing moms, G6PD babies are also safe to use the ointment. Cindora Sesame Ointment is very special. It is made from the first black sesame oil by cold pressing for 90 days. I still remember when I opened its bottle cap for the first time, I smelled a faint sesame oil fragrance, but it was not the sesame oil smell used for cooking. It is very comfortable. Cindora Sesame Ointment has added natural golden oat oil, macadamia organic nut oil, and vitamin E, as well as a century-old German organic marigold oil, which is globally recognized as the most suitable oil for babies skin. Some unique Chinese herbal ingredients are also added to the ointment, such as angelica root, comfrey root, licorice root, etc. For moms, safety always comes first. Cindora Sesame Ointment is chemical-free, mild and safe, can soothe various skin problems effectively. Whether it is a baby's drool rash, eczema, heat rash, or the most troublesome red butt, diaper rash, etc., this small jar of sesame ointment can easily solve it. It sounds exaggerated, right? In fact, I thought it was impossible at first, but after several verifications, I completely fell in love with this ointment! Here're some of my experiences: #1: Didi’s little butt I found that whenever Didi tried to fangs, he would have a rash on his butt. Usually, it will be fine the next day after applying the nappy cream. But in the recent case, his nappy rashes didn’t get better for many days. I tried almost everything even the Korean doctor brand and H+ magic water but it did not get better, even getting worse. I was planned to bring him to the specialist on coming Monday as that day was Saturday. Then, I suddenly remembered that I have this sesame ointment which was usually used to soothe the itchiness and redness from mosquito bites. At that moment, I just try as a last resort, but the result was surprising! Didi's rashes have improved significantly the next morning!! The redness was gone, the wound was dried too. He did not cry when I touched his affected area. I guess it should be no more hurt. I was excited at the time‼ ️ And I just realize that I had hidden a piece of treasure! This is really amazing, Didi recovered completely after 2 days of applying the sesame ointment. #2: Unknown redness, itchiness and the blisters Since Cindora Sesame Ointment become my first aid multi-purpose skin ointment, I will apply it whenever I need it. One day, my arm was itchy. The more I scratched it, the redder it became. In the end, small red spots appeared, I worried it was chickenpox. This time I immediately apply a thin layer of Cindora sesame ointment, the itching condition gradually improved. After applying several times, the redness and rashes disappeared. Till now, I still don’t know what it is, haha! #3: Splashed by hot oil I was scalded when frying the fish! Besides rinse with water, I immediately apply Cindora Sesame Skin Oil at the moment too. I can still remember my pity finger was feeling much better after a while applying it, and luckily there were no blisters and scars! In another case, I was accidentally scalded by boiling water while making coffee. After I rinsed it with water, I immediately apply a thick layer of sesame ointment to the affected area. In less than half a day, my hand no longer hurts, and the redness was gone, just like nothing had happened. This is the first time I have recovered from a scald so quickly, and this is the time I have to praise this sesame ointment! In fact, these are only some of the more profound parts in my memory. There were several accidental cuts and scratches, red and swollen bites by unknown insects, or Didi's butt eczema recurring, all of them relying on this sesame ointment to "heal". Nowadays, Cindora sesame ointment plays a very important role in my family! The cut hurt part was stopped bleeding after applying Cindora Sesame Skin Oil, soothe my pain too After applying few days, it recovered quickly, with no itchy or discomfort Nappy rash again… Fortunately, it getting better after applying sesame ointment By the way, I would like to share with you that this sesame ointment is also very effective for cracked heels! I noticed that my heels started to dry and cracked severely. I have applied a lot of moisturizers but it seemed no much effect… I have been applying Cindora sesame ointment for about 2 weeks now, seems like the cracks gradually becoming shallower. I started to apply this to the dry skin on my calf. If it works, I will share it with you again! This sesame ointment is just a small bottle, it's easy to bring or keep at home use. Safe and effective, mild and gentle, it's suitable for the whole family, I do think this is a must-have item for every mummy. The texture is smooth and easy to push, non-sticky at all! Although it's small but super durable and saves dosage! I have used it for almost half a year and it is still full. It is conservatively estimated that one can last for at least a year (I have to use it more, haha).   Oh yay, this sesame ointment is made with 100% natural ingredients, what makes this special? You have no need to worry too much if your baby accidentally licked or rubbed into the eyes! Sounds good and safe, isn't it?  This sesame ointment is my indispensable treasure now even I don't really look at it before haha! I realized how powerful and amazing it's only until I start using it. It also saved me a lot of money haha!  I really recommend that everyone should have a bottle of Cindora Sesame Ointment, let this natural goodness take care of you and your baby skin, be the guardian of the entire family.


用了很久的紫馨膏,但是到现在我才发现到…原来它是绝世好料来的(之前太大材小用了)!我真的是对不起自己 ,对不起紫馨膏 ,对不起大家…我应该要早点跟大家分享它的! 这就是台湾妈咪人手一个,每家每户都至少拥有一个的紫馨膏(我称它为万用膏)。无论是蚊虫叮咬、割伤烫伤、敏感肌肤、湿疹红疹、皮肤干燥等等皮肤问题,都可以迎刃而解哦! 紫馨膏的强项: ✅滋润干燥皮肤 ✅舒缓皮肤不适 ✅舒缓敏感肌肤 ✅改善红肿发炎 ✅消炎抗敏 ✅修护受损肌肤 ✅外出防护 ✅温和修护 ✅修护油还可以用来帮助宝宝按摩消胀气等等   紫馨膏100%不含药物成分(也是100%纯天然成分),基本上各种肌肤问题一擦就搞定,是很多台湾妈咪们都大推的好东西哦!   紫馨膏采用各种纯天然的菁萃作为基础成分,而且100%不含任何药品以及添加剂。它坚持采用美国USDA、欧盟COSMOS等有机原料,且通过ISO、TaiwanPIF与最严苛的清真等认证把关,让孕妇及新生儿都能安心使用,而且就连蚕豆宝宝也适合哦!   紫馨膏很特别,是以90天冷压初榨第一道黑麻油制成的。还记得当我第一次打开它的瓶盖的时候,就嗅到一股淡淡的麻油清香,但又不是煮菜用的那种麻油味wor!闻起来是挺舒服的~除了主要的黑麻油,紫馨膏也增加了天然黄金燕麦油、澳洲有机坚果油跟维他命E,以及德国百年大厂有机金盏花油,这是全球公认最适合宝宝肌肤的油。另外,也有加入独特汉方成分,像是当归根、紫草根、甘草根等。   对妈咪们来说,安全性一定是重点!紫馨膏是完全零添加化学药剂的,安全又有效,能全方位舒缓各种肌肤问题。基本上,无论是宝宝口水疹、湿疹、热疹,还是最令人头痛的红屁屁、尿布疹等等,这小小一罐紫馨膏都可以轻松解决。听了觉得好像很夸张对吗?其实原本我也是觉得好像不太可能,但后来经过几次的验证后,我已经彻底被它给俘虏了….   先跟大家分享一些我本身的真实体验: 案例1:Didi的屁屁 我发现每当Didi要发牙的时候,他的屁股都一定会出现红疹的。一般发生这种状况的时候我只需擦上nappy cream,隔天就好了。可是后来有一次,他屁屁附近的红疹很多天了都没有好转到,家里几乎所有可以擦的我都试完了,连韩国医生品牌和H+神奇水都试了,不止没有好转,还好像越来越严重的趋势。   原本打算星期一带他去看专科(因为刚好当天是星期6的晚上),突然想起我好像有这个紫馨膏(平时只是用来擦蚊虫叮咬后的包而已),就想说马死落地行,试看也无妨。哪里知道隔天早上一看,哇…红疹明显好转了‼️   原本起疙瘩的部分直接平掉,感觉伤口干掉了,也退红了,我摸了他的患处他也不反抗哭喊了,估计应该就是没痛了吧!当时我真的无比激动‼️ 才发现自己原来藏了一个好料都不知道!再每隔几小时帮他擦多几次后,2天后完全康复了。   案例2:不懂什么事情又红又痒又有小水泡   紫馨膏正式成为我的御用急救万能膏后,有事没事我都会用来擦一擦涂一涂。有一天我的手臂突然痒得不得了,越去抓它就越红,最后还冒出了小红点,吓到我以为是出水痘。 这次马上就想到紫馨膏了!擦了薄薄的一层后,瘙痒的状况慢慢好转,然后也不知几时开始没再痒了。连续擦了几次,隔天睡醒后,红点也不见掉了,所以到现在我也还不知道那是什么来的,呵呵! 案例3:被热油溅到   我被烫到了!煎鱼的时候不小心被弹出来的热油溅到,当下除了马上开水冲洗被烫伤的手指,立马到客厅的柜子里把修复油拿出来涂上(因为紫馨膏在楼上房间内)。印象中也是隔了一下子就好了,幸好没有起水泡也没有留疤啊!   另外,有一次泡咖啡的时候不小心被烧水烫到手,在水龙头下冲洗降温了后,就立马挖了一坨紫馨膏厚厚一层擦在患处。不到半天时间,手不再痛了,红红的也消掉了,好像没发生过什么事一样。这是我第一次被烫伤那么快痊愈的,这次我真的不得不称赞它了!   这些只是在我记忆中比较深刻的其中一部分而已,中间还有陆陆续续发生过几次不小心割伤刮伤,被不知名昆虫咬伤红肿,还是didi屁屁湿疹又发作的时候,全都是靠这个紫馨膏给“医好”的,它真的在我家扮演着一个非常重要的角色呢!   刮伤破皮,擦了紫馨修护油,很快止血,也没隐隐作痛了哦!   擦了几天,真的很快就修复了,不痒也不会不舒服!   又是屁屁红疹…好在擦了紫馨膏很快就好   噢噢对了‼️顺便跟大家分享一下,这个紫馨膏对于脚跟龟裂问题也是很有效的哦!   话说我最近发现我的脚跟开始干燥和龟裂到很严重,擦了很多保湿品都好像没什么效果…目前擦了紫馨膏也有大概2个星期了,现在好像有看见裂痕慢慢变浅去了呢!然后这几天我也开始用它来擦我小腿上那些开始干燥的皮肤了,到时如果见效的话我再跟大家报告啊!   这个万用紫馨膏轻轻小小一罐,方便容易携带,全家无论老少都很适合使用,更是宝妈的必备神器。而且它的质地滑顺好推,涂上去后也完全不黏腻呢!别看它小小一罐,它可是超级耐用的呢!我用了快半年它还是满满的,保守估计一罐应该可以用上至少一年(我又要找地方来擦了)。   重点是它的100%纯天然成分,就算不小心被宝宝误舔或揉进眼睛都不会有危险。另外,不说不知道,原来紫馨修护油也是台湾婴儿按摩协会指定使用的油哦!   这个紫馨膏啊~我从以前看它没有(竟敢看不起人家),到现在变成了我不可缺少的宝物。真的不试都不知道它这样厉害的,无形中也帮我省下了不少钱呐~真心推荐大家一定要入手一罐来傍身守门口,让紫馨膏这个最天然原始的保养品,成为全家大小的守护星🌟

4 mistakes people make with probiotics

More and more parents are giving probiotics to their children, but did you know? If you eat it incorrectly, it will have no effect on the human body… Here're 4 mistakes you'll want to avoid Eat at the wrong timing Some people say that probiotics can be eaten at any time, before, after, on an empty stomach, with food, before going to bed, etc.? In fact, it depends on the efficacy of probiotics. Probiotics with different effects have different eating times. On the probiotic packaging box, it will definitely recommend how and when to eat it. You're recommended to follow the suggested ways of different probiotics for the best results. Don't just follow what others say blindly.   Eat with warm water Wrong! Probiotics are most afraid of high temperatures.  Some moms will mix into the milk, so pay attention to these. If the temperature of the milk is higher, the probiotics will die. It is recommended to eat it directly or with water, milk, juice, or Yogurt (the temperature does not higher than 43 degrees).   Only rely on probiotics Many people think that if you take probiotics, you will be invincible and your bowel movements will be smoother, and no more care to other diets and water intake, but this is incorrect. Probiotics are not "medicine", but a kind of "supplement", which has no medical effect, but only helps the body's functions to be more perfect. In fact, in addition to eating probiotics, you still need to drink a lot of water and eat more fruits and vegetables.   Eat only certain strains Seeing that someone says to eat bacteria A or B, just choose those with these bacteria to eat? Wrong! The human body's demand for bacteria will always change because the physique will change. If you only eat certain kinds of probiotics for a long time, it will not help the body much in the later stage. The most important thing about probiotics is to "select the right strains" because different strains have different effects. You may choose compound strains too, but you must choose carefully because some strains will compete and repel each other. If you choose the wrong one, many of the bacteria you eat will lose the competition and die before it reaches your stomach.   Moms and Dads, no more making these 4 mistakes anymore. Please share this article if this does help you. 

益生菌常见的 4 大错误吃法

越来越多爸爸妈妈开始给孩子吃益生菌,但是你知道吗?如果吃法不对,对人体来就没有效果了… 赶快把这些 Tips 记起来,避免自己犯错哦! 益生菌常见的4大错误吃法 吃的时间 有些人说益生菌可以在任何时候吃,饭前、饭后、空腹、搭配食物一起吃、睡前等? 其实这要看益生菌种的功效,不同效果的益生菌,有不同的食用时间。 在益生菌的包装盒上,一定会建议怎么吃、什么时候吃。所以建议跟着不同益生菌的建议方式吃,效果才会最好。千万不要盲目听别人说就跟着做。   搭配温热水吃 大错特错!益生菌最怕的就是高温,搭配温热水会把菌种杀死,吃了等于没吃! 有些妈咪会混进奶里面,这些也要注意。如果奶的温度稍高,益生菌一样会死掉。 建议直接食用,或搭配开水、牛奶、果汁、Yogurt一起吃 (温度不超过43度)。   不忌口 很多人觉得吃了益生菌,肠胃就无敌、排便也会顺顺了。其他饮食、喝水量也没有多注意,但这是不正确的。 益生菌不是「药」,而是一种「保健食品」,没有医疗效果,只是帮助人体的机能更完善而已。 事实上,除了吃益生菌,日常生活中,还是需要大量补充水分、多吃蔬果。    只吃特定菌种 看到有人说要吃A菌或B菌,就特地选有这些菌的吃就好? 错!人体对菌种的需求,是会一直变的,因为体质会改变。 如果长期只吃特定的几种益生菌,到后期对身体的帮助就不大了。 益生菌最重要的是「选对菌种」,因为不同菌种有不同的功效。 例如:想要维持肠道健康,可以补充嗜酸乳杆菌(A菌)、干酪乳酸菌(C菌)、雷特氏双歧杆菌(B菌)等; 想要改善过敏情况、调整身体机能,可以补充类干酪乳杆菌(LP菌)或鼠李糖乳杆菌(LNGG菌)等,对症下药才能真正对身体有帮助。 当然,复合型菌种也是一个选择,但一定要慎选,因为有些菌种之间会互相竞争、排斥。 如果选错了,吃进去的菌,很多在能到肠胃之前,就已经竞争输掉、死掉了。   以上4个错误,爸爸妈妈们千万不要再犯了哦! 觉得这篇文章有帮助的话,请分享给更多人知道,让大家避免错误的吃法。    

5 Essential Nutrients for Your Baby

The baby is almost 6 months old and is about to start having food. How to prepare, what tools are needed, and what nutrition does the baby need? Knowing which nutrition the baby needs and which ingredients have the relevant nutrition will make you much easier when preparing. I've sorted out some key points, let's check it now! 5 Essential Nutrients for Your Baby 1. Fiber: Reduce constipation Many fruits and vegetables are rich in fiber. You may provide the baby with a variety of vegetables and fruits to try. If the baby is more repulsive to some foods with more "heavy" taste, consider combining some other foods, such as mixing radish with scallop porridge, so that the baby can eat various nutrients. 2. Protein: A nutritional supplement Protein is vital for the baby's growth and development. In addition to drinking milk, it also needs to be provided by food intake. Moms can start with plant-based proteins such as tofu, yogurt, and cauliflower, and then gradually add meat to the baby. (Reminder: Make sure the baby passes the egg allergy test before giving them an egg! Try the egg yolk first, if there is no allergic reaction, then you may try the egg white.) 3. Iron: Helps development Your baby's body will develop rapidly after 6 months of age. At this time, it needs to supplement iron through food intake. Red meat is rich in iron, dark green vegetables such as spinach, animal liver such as pig liver, egg yolk, oats, potatoes, pumpkin, etc., are all good iron supplements. It is recommended that moms add fruits with high vitamin C content after having iron, such as oranges and kiwis, to the baby after meals, which can help the absorption of iron. 4. Calcium: Help development For babies, calcium is an important nutrient that helps bones and teeth grow. Common milk, dairy products, yogurt, etc. are rich in calcium. 5. Fat: Creates energy Babies under 1-year-old need about 30 grams of fat every day. Fats are a great source of energy for the baby and help brain development. DHA and EPA, types of omega 3 fatty acids are very important too, you may start introducing oily fish such as salmon, a powerful source of this unsaturated fat to your baby.  Simplifying the complex information as above, save this cause you will need these! If you want to have some discussion with me, feel free drop me a mail or message. *Some mummies asked me before, NongChunXiang baby porridge suitable for how big baby? In fact, you may give the baby porridge once the baby starts to eat food. Each pack of baby porridge is contained in various nutrients. When you are tired of cooking, try to get some rest. Let's give the baby a delicious baby porridge! Of course, many moms have said that this is a super good helper when taking their baby out!


宝贝就快6个月大了,马上就要开始辅食之旅,但怎么准备,需要什么工具,孩子需要哪些营养?这些都让新手妈妈很烦恼吧? 这一篇,就先说营养的部分吧!掌握好宝宝需要的营养有哪些,知道哪些食材具备相关营养,妈咪们在准备的时候就更得心应手了。 我把一些重点简单整理,让妈咪们能快速了解! 宝宝辅食必备的5大营养  1.纤维:减少便秘状况 很多蔬果都有丰富的纤维质,妈咪们可以多提供孩子尝试多元化的蔬菜和水果。如果宝宝对某些味道较”重“的食材较排斥,可以考虑综合一些其他食物,比如将萝卜混到干贝粥,这样孩子就吃进各种营养了。 2.蛋白质:补充营养 6个月大的宝宝,发育快速,身体对蛋白质的需求越来越大,除了喝奶,也需要靠食物的摄取来提供。妈咪可以先从豆腐、优格、花椰菜这类植物性蛋白开始提供,再慢慢给孩子补充肉类。(小提醒:要先过鸡蛋过敏测试,才给孩子吃蛋哦!先尝试蛋黄,确认没有过敏反应后,才开始测试蛋白。) 3. 铁质:帮助发育 宝宝的身体在6个月大后,会快速发育,这时需要透过食物的摄取来补充铁质。瘦肉(红肉的含铁量较丰富)、深绿色蔬菜如菠菜、动物肝脏如猪肝、蛋黄、燕麦、马铃薯、南瓜等,都是很好的补铁食材。建议妈咪在饭后让宝宝补充维生素C含量高的水果如橙、奇异果等,这样能帮助铁质的吸收。  4.钙质:帮助发育 对宝宝来说,钙是帮助骨骼和牙齿生长的重要营养素。常见的牛奶、乳制品、优格等,都含丰富钙质。 5.脂肪:提升精神 1岁以内的宝宝,每天需要约30克的脂肪。而其中,最重要的就是获取DHA。DHA的好处颇多,对宝宝的精神提升也会有帮助。  以上这些,是我自己做功课时的”成果“,将复杂的资讯简单化,希望能帮到妈咪们! 如果妈咪们想要了解或讨论其他,也可以找我聊聊天哦! *之前有妈咪问我,农纯乡宝宝粥适合多大的孩子吃? 其实,孩子开始吃辅食后,妈咪都可以给孩子吃的。每一包宝宝粥,也都是经过细心调配,兼具各种营养素的。妈咪煮到累了,偶尔休息、偷懒一下,给孩子一份美味的宝宝粥吧!当然,已经很多妈咪表示这是带孩子出门时的超级好帮手了wo!