I have used Cindora Sesame Ointment for a long time, but I just realize now that this is a good treasure indeed (it was too much waste before)! I feel sorry for myself, sorry for Cindora Sesame Ointment, sorry for everyone… I should share it with you sooner!

So, this is the multi-purpose ointment that every household has at least one in Taiwan family. Whether it is mosquito bites, cuts or burns, sensitive skin, eczema, rash, dry skin, etc., skin problems can be solved!

The use of Cindora Sesame Ointment:
✅Moisturize dry skin
✅Relieve skin discomfort
✅Soothes sensitive skin
✅Improve redness and inflammation
✅Anti-inflammatory and anti-allergy
✅Repair damaged skin
✅Outing protection (Mosquito and Bugs Repellent)
✅Gentle repair and healing
✅Cindora Sesame Skin Oil can also be used to help the baby massage flatulence, etc.

Cindora Sesame Ointment is 100% free of medicinal ingredients (also 100% natural ingredients). Can solve almost all skin problems with one bottle of this.A treasure that many Taiwanese moms are recommended!

Cindora Sesame Ointment uses a variety of pure natural essences as the basic ingredients and is 100% free of any drugs and additives. It insists on using organic raw materials such as US USDA and EU COSMOS and has passed ISO, Taiwan PIF, and the most stringent HALAL certifications. It is safe for newborns, pregnant and nursing moms, G6PD babies are also safe to use the ointment.

Cindora Sesame Ointment is very special. It is made from the first black sesame oil by cold pressing for 90 days. I still remember when I opened its bottle cap for the first time, I smelled a faint sesame oil fragrance, but it was not the sesame oil smell used for cooking. It is very comfortable.

Cindora Sesame Ointment has added natural golden oat oil, macadamia organic nut oil, and vitamin E, as well as a century-old German organic marigold oil, which is globally recognized as the most suitable oil for babies skin. Some unique Chinese herbal ingredients are also added to the ointment, such as angelica root, comfrey root, licorice root, etc.

For moms, safety always comes first. Cindora Sesame Ointment is chemical-free, mild and safe, can soothe various skin problems effectively. Whether it is a baby's drool rash, eczema, heat rash, or the most troublesome red butt, diaper rash, etc., this small jar of sesame ointment can easily solve it. It sounds exaggerated, right? In fact, I thought it was impossible at first, but after several verifications, I completely fell in love with this ointment!

Here're some of my experiences:

#1: Didi’s little butt

I found that whenever Didi tried to fangs, he would have a rash on his butt. Usually, it will be fine the next day after applying the nappy cream. But in the recent case, his nappy rashes didn’t get better for many days. I tried almost everything even the Korean doctor brand and H+ magic water but it did not get better, even getting worse.

I was planned to bring him to the specialist on coming Monday as that day was Saturday. Then, I suddenly remembered that I have this sesame ointment which was usually used to soothe the itchiness and redness from mosquito bites. At that moment, I just try as a last resort, but the result was surprising! Didi's rashes have improved significantly the next morning!!

The redness was gone, the wound was dried too. He did not cry when I touched his affected area. I guess it should be no more hurt. I was excited at the time‼ ️ And I just realize that I had hidden a piece of treasure! This is really amazing, Didi recovered completely after 2 days of applying the sesame ointment.

#2: Unknown redness, itchiness and the blisters

Since Cindora Sesame Ointment become my first aid multi-purpose skin ointment, I will apply it whenever I need it. One day, my arm was itchy. The more I scratched it, the redder it became. In the end, small red spots appeared, I worried it was chickenpox.

This time I immediately apply a thin layer of Cindora sesame ointment, the itching condition gradually improved. After applying several times, the redness and rashes disappeared. Till now, I still don’t know what it is, haha!

#3: Splashed by hot oil

I was scalded when frying the fish! Besides rinse with water, I immediately apply Cindora Sesame Skin Oil at the moment too. I can still remember my pity finger was feeling much better after a while applying it, and luckily there were no blisters and scars!

In another case, I was accidentally scalded by boiling water while making coffee. After I rinsed it with water, I immediately apply a thick layer of sesame ointment to the affected area. In less than half a day, my hand no longer hurts, and the redness was gone, just like nothing had happened. This is the first time I have recovered from a scald so quickly, and this is the time I have to praise this sesame ointment!

In fact, these are only some of the more profound parts in my memory. There were several accidental cuts and scratches, red and swollen bites by unknown insects, or Didi's butt eczema recurring, all of them relying on this sesame ointment to "heal". Nowadays, Cindora sesame ointment plays a very important role in my family!

The cut hurt part was stopped bleeding after applying Cindora Sesame Skin Oil, soothe my pain too

After applying few days, it recovered quickly, with no itchy or discomfort

Nappy rash again… Fortunately, it getting better after applying sesame ointment

By the way, I would like to share with you that this sesame ointment is also very effective for cracked heels!

I noticed that my heels started to dry and cracked severely. I have applied a lot of moisturizers but it seemed no much effect… I have been applying Cindora sesame ointment for about 2 weeks now, seems like the cracks gradually becoming shallower. I started to apply this to the dry skin on my calf. If it works, I will share it with you again!

This sesame ointment is just a small bottle, it's easy to bring or keep at home use. Safe and effective, mild and gentle, it's suitable for the whole family, I do think this is a must-have item for every mummy. The texture is smooth and easy to push, non-sticky at all! Although it's small but super durable and saves dosage! I have used it for almost half a year and it is still full. It is conservatively estimated that one can last for at least a year (I have to use it more, haha).
Oh yay, this sesame ointment is made with 100% natural ingredients, what makes this special? You have no need to worry too much if your baby accidentally licked or rubbed into the eyes! Sounds good and safe, isn't it? 

This sesame ointment is my indispensable treasure now even I don't really look at it before haha! I realized how powerful and amazing it's only until I start using it. It also saved me a lot of money haha! 

I really recommend that everyone should have a bottle of Cindora Sesame Ointment, let this natural goodness take care of you and your baby skin, be the guardian of the entire family.