For the baby who eats NongChunXiang baby porridge for the first time, it is recommended to let the baby know delicious food in the following order:

For the first kind, please let the babies know the brightly colored, sweet, and delicious vegetable porridge: pumpkin full porridge, which can be eaten by the baby before the meat is cooked. It is very tasty and delicious!

The second taste is the classic of NongChunXiang, the original quenched baby porridge using black feather chicken thigh meat, and the first meat products of baby meat are chicken and fish. These two types of meat are easier to digest.

The third kind of porridge that allows babies to try to use seaweed pork, NongChunXiang has helped us check the ingredients, not the best, not recommended for babies!

The fourth type allows the baby to try the beef porridge made with Angus bulls with production and sales history so that the baby will eat it as strong as a cow running on the prairie.

The fifth one is to let your baby know the umami of the ocean! Salmon porridge uses Norwegian salmon from the natural pollution-free sea area, with fresh fruits and vegetables on the ground, balanced and healthy, full of nutrition!

The last kind, scallop porridge, let babies test the sea vegetables and scallops. The delicious taste bursts from the tip of the nose to the taste buds, so babies will love it!

Let's get some yummy porridge for your baby!